Workspace Advanced Course Outline

Overview of IBM Cognos

  • Discuss IBM Cognos and Performance Management

  • Describe IBM Cognos components

  • Describe IBM Cognos architecture at a high level

  • Define IBM Cognos groups and roles

Examine IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced

  • identify the user interface components of IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced

  • launch IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced through different methods

  • determine browser options


Create a Report using Relational Data

  • explain Relational Data

  • explain object types

  • define report layouts

  • add data query items


Use calculations


Create a Report using Dimensional Data

  • explain Dimensional Data

  • explore drill down and drill up with hierarchies

  • identify sets

  • define Financial reports


Group and Sort Your Data

  • define sorting (relational and dimensional)

  • explain aggregated data

  • explore grouping data

  • explore dividing data into sections


Filter Your Data

  • understand suppression options

  • explore filtering data (relational and dimensional)

  • explore filtering aggregated data


Highlight Report Data

  • explain query item properties

  • use formatting to improve the visual effectiveness of reports

  • use conditional styles to highlight query items on a report


Integrate External Data

  • examine the use of external data in reports

  • map query subject from an enterprise report to external data


Analyze Data Using Charts and Graphs

  • review multiple data analysis processes

  • implement a report for each process


Extend IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced Reports with Report Studio

  • identify IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced reports that can benefit from Report Studio capabilities

  • create a report in Report Studio and open it in IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced

  • create a report in IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced and extend it in Report Studio


Report Development Processes to Design Effective Reports

  • discuss phases of report development for business authors

  • discuss elements of effective reports

Custom and Standard TRAINING

Instructor-led Onsite and Instructor-led Online


Onsite and Online




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