Report Studio:  Advanced - Course Outline

Create Query Models

  • Build query models and then connect them to the report layout

  • Edit an SQL statement to author custom queries

  • Add filters and prompts to a report using the query model


Create Query Reports Based on Relationships

  • Create reports by merging query results

  • Create reports by joining queries

  • Combine data containers based on relationships from different queries


Create Advanced Dynamic Reports

  • Filter reports on session parameter values

  • Navigate a briefing book using a table of contents

  • Create dynamic headers and title that reflect report data

  • Let users navigate to specific locations in reports

  • Create a customer invoice report


Design Effective Prompts

  • Control report displays using prompts

  • Specify conditional formatting values using prompts

  • Specify conditional rendering of objects based on prompt selection

  • Create sorted and filtered reports based on prompt selection


Create Additional Advanced Reports

  • Create a report that displays summarized data before detailed data

  • Highlight alternate rows in a list report

  • Create a report using an external data file

  • Use single data items to summarize report information


Examine the Report Specification

  • Examine the report specification structure

  • Modify a report specification

  • Add custom toolbox objects and custom template options


Distribute Reports Through Bursting

  • Distribute reports using bursting

  • Create burst keys

  • Identify report recipients and data items using burst tables

  • Distribute reports using email and IBM Cognos Connection


Enhance User Interaction with HTML

  • Create tooltips that clarify report data

  • Send emails using links in a report


Analyze Data Using Statistical Reports

  • Discuss statistical report types

  • Examine descriptive statistics

  • Explore statistical charts


End-to-End Workshop (Optional)

Custom and Standard TRAINING

Instructor-led Onsite and Instructor-led Online


Onsite and Online




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