Query Studio Course Outline

Overview of IBM Cognos

  • Discuss IBM Cognos and Performance Management

  • Describe IBM Cognos components

  • Describe IBM Cognos architecture at a high level

  • Define IBM Cognos groups and roles

Introduction to Query Studio

  • List the packages available for reporting

  • Understand report types

  • Add and save data to ad hoc reports

  • View data by using charts


Create Reports in Query Studio

  • Create list, grouped list, and crosstab reports

  • List the charts available and their appropriate use

  • Calculate and sort report dataDefine a custom group to create your own report

  • Use shared dimensions to create multi-fact queries


Enhance Reports in Query Studio

  • Highlight report items using conditional styles

  • Focus the scope of a report using filters

  • Format report objectsApply a report template



  • Create a grouped list report

  • Filter data based on revenue and order year

  • Add a prompt to view sales of selected sales representatives

  • Format the reportCreate a crosstab reportAdd a chart to the crosstab report

  • Generate report outputs


IBM Cognos Connection

  • Schedule and manage reports

  • View lineage information

  • Personalize and organize content

  • Set permissions using IBM Cognos BI groups and roles

Custom and Standard TRAINING

Instructor-led Onsite and Instructor-led Online


Onsite and Online





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