Cognos Workspace Course Outline

Explore, Navigate, and Create Workspaces

  • Identify the components of IBM Cognos Workspace

  • Create a workspace using report parts

  • Enhance a workspace with images, titles, and web objects


Focus the Data in Your Workspace

  • Understand prompts, local filters and global filters

  • Understand the Information bar

  • Perform drill up and down

  • Set up and perform a Go To from your workspace to a data related report


Organize the Data in Your Workspace

  • Search for data

  • Create calculations

  • Control the display data in report widgets

  • Convert a crosstab to a chart


Communicate the Data in Your Workspace

  • Export a report part

  • Create annotations

  • Collaborate on workspaces with your colleagues

  • Create watch rules


Access Functionality Based on Access Rights

  • Consume workspaces based on access rights

  • Interact with workspaces based on access rights

  • Assemble workspaces based on access rights


Highlight Report Data

  • explain query item properties

  • use formatting to improve the visual effectiveness of reports

  • use conditional styles to highlight query items on a report


Custom and Standard TRAINING

Instructor-led Onsite and Instructor-led Online


Onsite and Online




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