Analysis Studio Course Outline

Overview of IBM Cognos

  • Discuss IBM Cognos and Performance Management

  • Describe IBM Cognos components

  • Describe IBM Cognos architecture at a high level

  • Define IBM Cognos groups and roles

Analysis Studio Fundamentals

  • Define the fundamental terms of Analysis Studio

  • Explain how to insert objects

  • Define and create sets

  • Identify the work area, overview area, and properties pane


Tools for Investigation in Analysis Studio

  • Employ drilling down and up to different levels of detail

  • Apply changes to rows, columns, and measures in the analysis

  • Explain how to change the display of data

  • Use charts to display data graphically


Nest Data in Crosstabs in Analysis Studio

  • Apply depth to rows and columns by nesting data

  • Recognize drill behavior in nested rows and columns

  • Demonstrate how to swap nested levels


Build Advanced Crosstabs in Analysis Studio

  • Demonstrate how to view a complete level of data

  • Design a crosstab without retrieving data

  • Compare multiple measures

  • Apply stacked sets to the crosstab

  • Construct an asymmetrical crosstab

  • Compose a custom sort


Focus with Filters in Analysis Studio

  • Apply filters using expressions

  • Apply filters using the Context area

  • Create top and bottom lists

  • Use several techniques to remove rows and columns


Extend the Analysis

  • Apply summary calculations

  • Apply item-based calculations

  • Practice ranking items

  • Demonstrate how to customize the report display

Custom and Standard TRAINING

Instructor-led Onsite and Instructor-led Online


Onsite and Online




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